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The Alternative Wellness Center is committed to the best in alternative medicine and complementary healthcare. We are always busy finding and establishing just the right modalities to help you in your quest for better health and an optimal life! We have many incredible services and products to offer you.

For quality nutritional supplements in Albuquerque, visit the Alternative Wellness Center in person. Can't get to Albuquerque? Shop with confidence and convenience from our online catalog. Our online health supplements provide you with natural alternatives to prescription drugs. Not only do we carry the very best quality in supplemental items, but also we stock a full line of intricately researched doctor formulated supplements that you can't buy in stores. We accept only formulas that are of the highest quality in the world and have protocols to suit any concern. These formulas are specifically designed to help your body speed up the healing process.

We also carry a range of other products to assist in pain reduction, detoxification, reduce inflammation and recovery time, improve liver, kidney and colon function, increase blood circulation, reduce stress and fatigue, boost the immune system, improve sleeping patterns, and more. Our products are clinically tested and medically proven to increase vitality, and help you achieve optimal wellness.

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